Robin Hobb- Assassin’s Quest: Book Three of the Farseer Trilogy

Assasin's QuestWhat it’s about:

Basically sh*t’s got real.  The end of the last book has left Fitz in many ways more dead than alive, not least because everyone (even Molly) thinks he’s dead.  As we’ve seen in the first few books Fitz has had a consistent feeling of being forced down a path that was not his choosing, and yet now that life has ceased to exist.  As events unfold, what starts as an (almost) entirely solitary mission of vengeance, instead becomes a reunification, and once more a fight for the continued survival of the Six Duchies, and indeed the world as we know it.

What I love:  

  1.  As in the last book we gained a much clearer understanding of the true depth of the Wit, ‘Assassin’s Quest’ educates us in the power and lore of the Skill.  Hobb has truly created exceptional depth in the history of this world, and the magics that govern it.
  2. The discovery of the White Prophet in the Mountain Kingdom, and the circumstances of Fitz’s rescue.  I also really like how for much of his recovery he behaves very badly- it adds to the authenticity of the story- there are numerous examples of heroics, but our noble hero intersperses these with realistic and cheering behaviour that is both childish and petulant.
  3. Difficult to say too much about this one without giving the game away, but one of my very favourite characters manages to find something of a happy ending in a way that is far from anticipated.

My Favourite Quotes:

  1.  “Black Wolf is very large.  And quick.  I am stronger than he is, I think, but he knows more tricks.  It was much like when you fought Heart of the Pack.” 
  2. “Slowly the figure drew nearer.  A great shivering of cold and pain racked me.  I could go to the wolf.  I summoned the last of my strength to defy myself.  ‘Here!’ I croaked to death. ‘Here I am.  Come and take me and let it be done at last.”
  3. “Burrich, who would have stood and spat and fought to the death, dropped his sword and pleaded for the sake of my child.”

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