Robin Hobb- Assassin’s Apprentice: Book One of the Farseer Trilogy

Assasin's Apprentice

What it’s about:

A mesmerising introduction into the magical world of the Farseers and the Six Duchies.  This story begins with our introduction to Fitzchivalry Farseer in far from auspicious circumstances.  Following his royal father’s ill-advised liaison with an unnamed woman, we witness the ceremonial dumping of Fitzchivalry on the court of King Shrewd, who decides to train him to be a tool for the crown, rather than against.  This book is the start of a magnificent journey, and one I heartily and repeatedly recommend to everyone.

What I love:

  1. Hobb creates an all consuming world overflowing with valour, corruption and magic, that leaves the reader in no doubt of its existence.
  2. Hobb manages to adhere to many of the best loved components of a fantasy novel, yet combines this with characters who are diverse, unique and capture the heart of the reader, despite their many and varied flaws.
  3. This is a political novel in which Fitz is constantly torn, not just by right and wrong, but by which identity he must assume in order to survive.

My Favourite Quotes:

  1. “I jerked awake before the moon had surrendered her reign over the sky, amazed that I had slept at all.” Fitzchivalry Farseer
  2. “Her scent rolled over me like a wave, and it too smelled of coin more than flowers.”
  3. “But in every case,” Chade told me wearily, ‘it matters not what they decide; it weakens their loyalty to the kingdom.  Whether they pay their tribute or not, the Raiders may laugh over their blood-ale at us.  For in deciding, our villagers are saying in their minds, not ‘if we are Forged’ but ‘when we are Forged’.  And thus they have already been raped in spirit if not in flesh.” Chade Fallstar

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